Broadcasting in Lockdown

I love being in the studio, taking calls and getting out and about in the community with the team. Lockdown has changed things, but the sense of community has never gone away.

Before working at Minster FM full time I worked from home providing voiceovers from my home studio, this I am very grateful for now during lockdown, as I have all the technology around me that I need. I am still driving the show from my home and been able to talk to the callers. I’m still able to do the Quizzical competition at 11:30 every day, which is a reassuring piece of normality to the community that plays.

I’m not the only one at home, my other half is also working from home, the two cats are house cats and I think would like me to go to work and not be under their feet all day!  There are also my two children, both teenagers who are reluctant to get out of bed before lunchtime. At least this has meant I’ve had some peace for my show, but it does mean that homeschooling can go on 'till teatime... well some days.

As well as the usual on their broadcasting, there has been loads more to do at home.

Social media has been a massive part of lockdown and I have been involved in many virtual events, challenge videos and general entertainment. I have also talked to some amazing people, interviewing them about businesses they are supporting, virtual events they are hosting and fundraising efforts across the city.

As a team we might not have been together last few months, but the virtual togetherness of the station and the community has been commendable.

York absolutely has amazing community spirit 

You can have a listen to some of my work from home shows below

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